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Welcome Jaclyn Rose! Aug19
news - 628

our babe Johanna got a new hair cut <3 Aug19
news - 627
Noe P.
news - 626
Gilles C.
for RENAULT! Aug19

Malene & Yann for Céline Witzke! Aug19
news - 624
Abdel K.
for Aqvarossa! Aug19
news - 623
Lea V.
for SWISS! Aug19
news - 622

We love the new images of Sean! shot by Caroline Pajak! Aug19
news - 621
Okan B.
news - 620
Sam B.
for AMAN! July19
Jennifer Z.
for NANA GOTTI! shot by Ellin Anderegg July19
news - 618
Carmen B.
for ARMANI! July19
Melissa Sara H.
for NZZ STIL! July19
news - 617
Naomy M.
for PUBLIC EYE! July19
news - 615
Noe P.
for Style Magazin CH! July19
Tess v.K.
for DOSENBACH! July19

Sany & Céline for DOSENBACH! July19

Welcome Domenic! July19
news - 611
Jade E.
for VOGUE PORTUGAL! shot by Noémi Ottilia Szabo July19
news - 604

Andre D., Angela S. & Ella R. for IMPORT PARFUMERIE! July19
news - 608
Noe P.

Matias M. & Ella R. for IMPORT PARFUMERIE! July19
news - 610
Laura Lu.
for ETXART & PANNO SS19! July19
news - 607
Aniko M.
news - 606
Soraya V.
for GIAHI! shot by Sara Merz July19
news - 605
Our handsome Andre D. für Belisar Chronograph Sport
news - 603
Luna S.
for ALPENGLÜHN! June19
news - 602
Anthony T.
Welcome back! June19
news - 601
Richard B.
as Old Shatterhand at "Freitlichtspiele Engelberg" from July 6th to 10th!
news - 599
Soraya V.
killed Paris Fashion Week for Henrik Vibskov & Vetements! June19
news - 597
Soraya V.
killed Paris Fashion Week for Henrik Vibskov & Vetements! June19
news - 598
Panagiotis S.
shot by Jan Malinowski! June19
news - 596
Tess v.K.
for Annabelle Mag shot by Karin Heer! June19
news - 595
Jade E.
by Karine & Oliver <3 June19
news - 594

Check out the Interview with our fabulous Gabriela on Paljari!
news - 593
Nachmieter gesucht!
Loftartiges Office an der Pfingstweidstrasse 6, Zürich! Inkl. Küche und Sitzungszimmer zur Mitbenutzung.
news - 591
Wir suchen Mitmieter für unsere neue Agentur - Location!
ca. 130m2 stehen für dich zur Miete frei! grosszügiger, heller, loft-artiger Raum. 4,2m Deckenhöhe, lichtdurchflutet, Küche zur Mitbenutzung! Ideal für Kreativköpfe :)
news - 552

Jades hair transformation!!

we LOOOOVE Jades new look!!! new with short hair <3 June19
news - 589
Ella R.
for QP Magazine! June19
news - 588
Lena W.
for PICTON MAG! May19
news - 585

summer feelings with Sandra in her latest video! May19
Katja B.
news - 583
Jade E.
for XOXO Magazine! May19
news - 586
Juliana O.
news - 582

beautiful new portraits of Katarina L.! shot by Karin Heer May19
news - 581
Marta W.
for BRIGITTE! May19
news - 574
Sarahfina N.
for NZZ Stil! May19
news - 575
Zoe V.
for NZZ STIL! May19
news - 576
Amos H.
for NZZ STIL! May19
news - 578
Annouc W.
for NZZ STIL! May19
news - 580
Jonas Sch.
for NZZ STIL! May19
news - 577
Caroline M.
for NZZ STIL! May19
news - 579

Davide G. new with us! May19
news - 573
David D.
for KAIZER BEER! May19
Lena W.
for Solstice Mag! May19
news - 571

for C&A Summer Holidays! May19
Celine Loe.
for SUPERIOR MAG! shot by Pascale Weber April19
news - 569
Malene H.
shot by Verena Mandragora! April19
news - 568

have you already spotted our new category FUTURE FACES? have a look at our models to come and email us if you're interested in seeing more of them <3
news - 567
Joerg S.
back in town! April19
news - 566
Soraya V.
for STUDIO WINKLER Lookbook! April19
news - 565
Jade E.
for ANNABELLE MAG! April19
news - 563
Dario K.
for Stefan Steiner SS19! April19
news - 564
Anna H.
news - 561
Regina B.
for SAAR MAGAZINE! April19
news - 560
Laura Lu.
for ETXART & PANNO SS19! April19
news - 559
Celine L.
for CALVIN KLEIN! April19
news - 558
Lisa M.
for Fink & Star SS19! April19
news - 557
Tess v.K.
for FRIDAY MAG! April19
news - 556
Ella R.
news - 555

uuuund einen Nachmieter suchen wir auch! loftartiges Office, schöne Aussicht, 100m2, Küche + 2 Sitzungszimmer zur Mitbenutzung. Zu Vermieten ab dem 1. Juli 2019!
news - 554
Jan A.
for HARVEY NICHOLS SS19! April19
news - 553

We are happy to represent Olivia S. now! March19
news - 550
Suzana L.
for FRIEDEN SCHMUCK! shot by Ellin Anderegg March19
news - 551
Matias M.
news - 549
Carmen B.
for EMPORIO ARMANI Sportswear SS19! March19
news - 548
Amalie L.
for SCOTCH & SODA SS19! March19
news - 547
Olga P.
for Marie Claire! March19
news - 546
We are happy to represent Marie Z. now! March19
news - 545
Samantha M.
for LEDERGERBER! March19
news - 544
Krit Mc.
for Calvin Klein Performance! March19
Sofie V.
for ID! March19
news - 542
Carmen B.
spring vibes with Carmen B. for Intimissimi SS19! March19
Soraya V.
on the runway for Doing Fashion! March19
news - 540
Carmen M.
on the runway for Doing Fashion! March19
news - 539
Sjimmy v.D.
for CHEZ Mode! March19
news - 538
Regina B.
for Orthomol Beauty! March19
news - 537
Caroline M.
for Julian Zigerli SS19! March19
news - 535
Lionel P.
for KOCH OPTIK! March19
news - 536
Sarahfina N.
for BIG ZH! March19
news - 534
Soraya V.
for BIG ZH! March19
news - 531
David D.
for BMW! March19

Noe, Romain, Martina, Raphael, Polina & Deborah for Carat! Feb19

early summer feelings with Carmen for Salt by Hendrix! Feb19
news - 528
Aniko M.
for Louis Widmer! Feb19
news - 527
Ella R.
for Maybelline Switzerland! Feb19
news - 525
Christian Be.
for Parship! Feb19
Lara P.
for SKODA! feb19
Modesuisse 2019...
news - 515
Modesuisse 2019...
news - 516
Benjamin G.
in "colour me happy"
Jade E.
for 300 Jahre Fürstentum Liechtenstein! Feb19
Amos H.
for HEDONIC! Feb19
news - 522
Welcome Orlando! Feb19
news - 524
forever Summer!
Carmen for BEAUTÉ! Aug18
news - 394
Donny L. for the Stefano Ricci SS18 Campaign
Aug 18
news - 397
Sany for Grieder, Fall/Winter Aug18
news - 398
Mathilde on the Dänish Elle Sept.18
news - 402

Antonin W., Franz K. & Milos E. for Julian Zigerli Show! Sept18
news - 404

Katarina L. & Jade E. for ModeSuisse! Sept18
news - 405

our super beauty Laura L. for MetroBoutique! Sept18
news - 407
Yann Z.
for ELEGANT MAGAZINE shot by Nicolas Burri! Sept18
news - 411
Morgan M.
news - 413
Katja B.
for Feel Better than Good shot by K&O. Sept18
news - 415
Bernard F.
for Brooks Brothers! Sept18
Laurin K.
for YD brand! Sept18
Gilles C.
for JEEP! Sept18
Irina N.
for FEMINA! Sept18
news - 423
Romain T.
for NOKIA SPORTS. Sept18

we are in love with the new pictures of Jade shot by Mathieu Puga in Paris! Sept18
news - 427
Joerg S.
for OPEL COMBO! Oct18
Carmen B.
news - 431
happy welcome Jonna! Oct.18
news - 435
Welcome Chloe H.! Oct18
news - 438
Milos E.
for Julian Zigerli AW18! Oct18
news - 441
Jasmin B.
for HUAWEI! Oct18
news - 442
Morgan M.
for ANNEX SS19! Oct18
news - 445
Paraskevas B.
for VOGUE ARABIA! shot by Karine & Oliver Oct18
Welcome new beauty Samantha M.! Oct18
news - 448
Guillaume M.
for LEVIS! Oct18
news - 449
Bernard F.
for THE RAKE! Nov18
news - 450
Welcome beauty Olga P.! Nov18
news - 453
Welcome pale beauty Jennifer Z.! Nov18
news - 455
Elion A. new with us! Nov18
news - 458
Welcome Julia N.! Nov18
news - 459
we are happy to represent Juliana O. now! Nov18
news - 461
Ella R.
for Claudia Nabholz SS19! Nov18
news - 463
welcome Abdel K.! Nov18
news - 464
Jade E.
for Titì Milano! Nov18
news - 466
Jan A.
for Baldessarini AW18! Nov18
Noe P.
for SI X-Mas Special! Nov18
news - 470
Romain T.
for SI X-Mas Special! Nov18
news - 471
Carmen M.
for ELLE Bulgaria!January19
news - 499
Johanna S.
for EZGI ZINAR SS19! January19
news - 502
Vladimir M.
for Admiral Casino January19
Christian Be.
for Period Mag! January19
news - 504
Welcome Soraya <3 January19
news - 506
Stefan K.
on the new cover for PODIUM! Jan18
news - 252
Ella R.
for Annabelle Mag! January19
news - 508
Dario K.
for KleinBasel SS19! January19
news - 510
Welcome Söhnke T.! January19
news - 511

wonderful portrait of our Gabriela R.! January19
Welcome Sarahfina! February19
news - 513
Modesuisse 2019..
news - 514
Modesuisse 2019...
news - 517
Polina P.
for CHOPARD <3 feb18
news - 263
We are happy to represent Mars M. now! Feb19
news - 519
Carmen B.
for LYMA.Life campaign on VOGUE paris! feb18
news - 264
Kia S.
for Sensai! Feb19
news - 520
Gabriela R.
was walking for VIVIENNE WESTWOOD at London Fashionweek! We are proooooud <3 Feb19
news - 523
Toshi B.
for Florentino SS18! Feb18
Carmen B.
...aaaaand again our working girl for GRIEDER SS18! March18
news - 301
Jade for BIG ZH Lookbook SS18! March18
news - 302
We are looking for beautiful hands! all ages <3
news - 306
Tonia E.
for FRIDAY MAGAZINE with babe Naomy!...yeahhhh! March18
news - 309
Toshi B.
for FLORENTINO SS18! April18
news - 313
Naomy L.
for FRIDAY Magazine with babe Tonia! yayyy March18
news - 314
Rodolphe v.B. new with us! May18
news - 334
Polina P.
for AMENITY Magazine shot by Amir Tikriti! May18
news - 339
Bernard F.
for ELLE magazine! May18
news - 340

new hairstyle for handsome Guillaume! May18
news - 341
Steven E.
for GALAXUS :) May18
Brysa K.
for Bulgari! May18
news - 349
Malene H.
for Claudia Bertini <3 May18
news - 351
Sany L.
on the new NU ICONS cover! May18
news - 352
Gilles C.
new video <3 May18
Lou K.
for MINT VELVET! May18
news - 354
Carmen B.
for ELLE! May18
news - 355

...aaand again our beauty Carmen for F Magazine! June18
news - 357
Richard B.
for! June18
news - 358
Donny L.
for AVON! June18
news - 359
Ella R. & Margaux v.K.
news - 360

we are very happy to represent Laurin now! June18
news - 361
Katharina W.
on the cover of LadiesDrive! June18
news - 362
Sandra Bl.
for Donna Magazine! June18
news - 363

ready for summer? super hottie Lloyd new with us! June18
news - 364
Rodolphe v.B.
for a hasselblad special by Johannes Diboky & Andres Herren. June18
Nadege N.
news - 370

summer is here! our beauty Polina P. for VAMP! June18
news - 371

lovely new updates for our twins Tess & Margaux <3 June18
news - 372

Jades feet for todays Friday Magazine! June18
news - 373
Lucie R.
for Brigitte! July18
news - 380
Ella R.
for Atlas Magazine shot by Alex Weber! July18
news - 381
Margaux v.K.
for LABELLO! July18
news - 382

We love Margaux in the new Labello Video! July18

heatwave! our beauty Mathilde G. on the cover of Eurowoman! July18
news - 384
Carmen B.
on the new cover of COSMOPOLITAN France! Aug18
news - 386
Johanna S.
news - 387
Welcome Kevin P.! Aug18
Welcome Alessandro H.! Aug18
news - 389
Julia H.
by Samuel Zerbato! Aug18
Edison K.
for BUCHERER! Aug18
news - 391
Naomy M.
for MetroBoutique! Aug18
Jade E.
for MIS MAGAZIN! Aug18
news - 393
Sany L.
on the cover of ANNABELLE MAGAZINE! Aug18
news - 395
Sheila G.
for Sports Campagne from Morotai Aug18
news - 396
Lionel P.
for Bongenie Grieder! Aug18
news - 400

Matias M. & Ella R. for Julian Zigerli Show! Sept18
news - 403

Malene H., Naomy L. & Gaja G. for ModeSuisse! Sept18
news - 406
Naomy M.
for L'AFFAIR MAG. Sept18
news - 409
Markus Sch.
for HUF MAGAZINE. Sept18
news - 410
Ella R.
for ELLEMENTS MAGAZINE shot by Diyala Kayira. Sept18
news - 412
Sany L.
for Laurèl! Sept18
news - 414
swiss beauty Annouc W. new with us! Sept18
news - 416
Katarina L.
for Simpelthen Edition 4! Sept18
news - 418
Stefan K.
for BOLERO MEN! Sept18
news - 419
Jan A.
for JELMOLI! Sept18
news - 420
Welcome on board Estelle B.! Sept18
news - 424
Toshi B.
for Ferragamo Eyewear! Sept18
news - 426

Sportler gesucht!
news - 428
Joerg S.
is back in Germany! Oct18
news - 429
Welcome Regina B.! Oct18
news - 432
Happy welcome Nadine outdoor shooting with Jolie Zocchi Okt.18
news - 436
Happy welcome Charlotte Okt.18
news - 437
Handsome Jan Re. new with us! Oct18
news - 439
Franz K.
for Julian Zigerli AW18! Oct18
news - 440
Orisha D.
got a lovely new haircut <3 Oct18
news - 444

Welcome Paraskevas B.! Oct18
news - 447
Laurin K.
on the cover for NUICONS! Oct18
news - 452
Welcome Chantal R.! Nov18
news - 454
beautiful Marta W. new with us <3 Nov18
news - 456
Jade E.
for ChanelBeauty x Laha Mag <3 Nov18
Patricia P.
for NUICONS! Nov18
news - 460
Lena W.
news - 462
Welcome hottie Leron M.! Nov18
news - 465
Natasha W.
for GolfStyle! Nov18
news - 467
Laura Lu.
new with us! Nov18
news - 469
Malene H.
for Nina Yuun SS19. Nov18
Julia N.
for CHRISTANDL Edition4! January19
news - 500
Yann Z.
for HEDONIC! January19
news - 501
Welcome Stina R.! January19
news - 505
Malene H.
for the new collection of Nina Yuun! January19
news - 507
Sabine H.
for KleinBasel SS19! January19
news - 509
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